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            SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD.

            Hotline:86 21 25050666
            About us

            About Us

            Established in August 2000, SAIC Anji Logistics Co., LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor specializing in automotive logistics business. During years of development, Anji Logistics has continued to challenge itself and be creative. It has formed the main business sectors including vehicle logistics, component logistics, port logistics, shipping logistics.

            1. Efficient and convenient

              A Complete Supply Chain Service Provider with Technology-led & Digital-driven

            2. Stable and secure

              Anji adopts the most stable mode of transportation, with zero risk

            3. Core Values

              A Complete Supply Chain Service Provider with Technology-led & Digital-driven

            Business Area

            YANQING NEWS




            1. Vehicle key cabinet

              Vehicle key cabinet

              Prevent the keys being purposefully stolen, or provide a detailed retrospective basis in case of losing keys....

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            2. Dongyue Automatic sorting center

              Dongyue Automatic sorting center

              With the deepening of Made-in-China 2025 and industry 4.0 concepts, production, equipment and logistics industry is facing a comprehensive upgrade; smart logistics gets more and more attention as one of three cores Industry 4.0.

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            3. Empty plastic boxes automatic sorting and stacking project

              Empty plastic boxes automatic sorting and stacking project

              Traditional separation of pallets by hand is low in work efficiency and high in labor intensity because the nine-foot grid pallet is difficult to be separated after they are piled up with the feet being interconnected closely.

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            1. 京东
            2. cm
            3. 三菱
            4. 路虎
            5. DELPHI
            6. 南京
            7. 上海通用
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            8. 保时捷
            9. 奔驰
            10. 广本
            1. 尼桑
            2. 路虎
            3. 别克
            4. 大众
            5. 宝马